Frederic Chevarin - Movements in Stone

I have published a few videos on stone carving on YouTube. Click on the pics to start.



How a block of Caen limestone becomes a stone sculpture called "A sail for Nigel"
I hope you'll enjoy this video which is about 18 hours of carving reduced to about 3min.
It is shown how to start by using a clay model, and then how to use an angle grinder, hand chisels, sand paper and Cuturi hammers and chisels to create this sail.





How to lift a 300kg marble sculpture using an engine hoist
As the sculpture is fragile, the importance is stressed on moving the piece without damaging the edges. It is first laying on its side, so it needed to be turned, then raised. Finally, the marble piece had to be lifted onto its base in my workshop so that I could finish it.




Delicate marble alabaster and limestone sculptures

Starting from Frederic's last sculptures, these images show how blocks of marble, limestone and alabaster become delicate and intricate works of art inspired by nature.





Carving of a 700kg white marble sculpture Part 1 (Weeks 1 & 2)

The first chapter of a tutorial showing how a 1.60m marble sculpture is created with a combination of films and photographs. It has been thought as a diary to help understanding how long it takes to carve 700kg of Carrara marble.



Carving of a 700kg white marble sculpture - The sequel


Beautiful patterns and textures found in animals and plants

Patterns and textures have always been a great source of inspiration for painters, sculptors, architects, designers have used them so many times to create buildings, sculptures, paintings, or even furniture which initial ideas come from the natural world.
Taken from my own gallery of pictures, I have decided to share my passion for nature to show that thanks to living creatures, we can find an endless source of inspiration to help our creativity.


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